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Why Yoga?


Why Yoga?


We do so much, so why are we called a yoga company?

   Yoga is an ancient Indian practice, composed of much more than just physical exercise. Hatha Yoga - what we know in America as "Yoga," is but one of six elements of an ancient Hindu philosophy and approach to health, wellness and ethical living. 

   All forms of yoga - Jnana, Bhakti, Raja, Karma and Tantra have different roles in our life. Exercising our bodies (Hatha), study and life-long education (Jnana), devoted spirituality (Bhakti),  self-discipline (Raja), ethics (Karma) and symbolic learning (Tantra) offer a holistic health and wellness approach not availble through physical exercise alone. We offer workshops and services covering a range of skills in managing life healthfully and holistically.

  In addition to an amazing yoga experience, you practice Karma Yoga (the morality of yoga) when you invest in an Amaithi Yoga class. How? Your investment in time, energy, and money is passed forward to Amaithi's community and international non-profit partners. Current partnerships are with Fit to Recover (a gym dedicated to building community among those in recovery from addiction) and Believe in Haiti (a school sponsorship and feeding program for the community of St. Roch, Haiti.)

What if I'm not a "yoga person?"

Yoga takes all kinds!

 The Amaithi model is about using ethical business to bring the benefits of yoga to people who wouldn't walk into another yoga studio.

If you're not a hatha (physical exercise) yogi, don't worry! There's nothing in a yoga class that depends on excellent strength, endless flexibility or perfect balance. In addition, we offer nutritional counseling, grocery helps, menu planning, workshops, massage and more.

What are the benefits of yoga?

Whether you're an athlete or looking to lose a few pounds, just starting out or trying to keep up with your grandkids, yoga has benefits for you.

Athletes can use restorative therapy (yoga, tai chi, mediation and more) to maximize their results, prevent injury and improve focus.

People who have mental illness, stress or anxiety may benefit most from this principle of yoga from Pantjali's Yoga Sutras: "Yoga Chitti Vritti Nirodha," or "Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind." Godse et al (2015)

For those who have physical disabilities, developmental disabilities, and aging students, “Yoga has potential utility as a complementary and alternative therapy for chronic diseases and can help older adults to maintain their health.“– Eda (2014), Journal of Clinical Research and Bioethics.

... And that's just the beginning! Come join Amaithi for a yoga class or nutrition workshop today.

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About Us

About Us


Sarita Venkatapathy, owner and operator of Amaithi, was born to an Indian father and American mother. She has overcome many challenges by practicing aspects of yoga and its sister science of ancient Indian medicine, ayurveda.

In her career in nursing and with her specific emphasis in dietetics (traditional medicine's answer to nutrition education and treatment), Sartia has worked with the elderly, young people with chronic illness, young adults with profound developmental disabilities, social and racial activists, legal professionals, professional caretakers, ayurvedic gurus, yoga instructors, homeopaths, energy healers, acupuncturists, herbalists, and others.

She has a deep investment in everyone she comes in contact with. With the help of family, friends, and the various gurus in her life, Sarita works to assist people of many different demographics and circumstances to develop their self-actualization alongside their physical well-being.


I have always felt the call to work with women and after witnessing the births of my 5 younger siblings, that call led me to doula work and midwifery.

In January 2015 I started my midwifery education at The Community School of Midwifery in Springville, Utah; there I have certified as a Lactation Consultant, Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula and Childbirth Educator.

I became a doula because I believe that by providing non-judgmental emotional support, resources, and education women can be empowered to have not only a positive birth, but also become advocates for their own reproductive health for the rest of their lives.  I love experiencing the connection and trust that comes with accompanying someone through the journey of labor. 

Join me at my website for more details!




Class Locations and Studio Partners


Fit to Recover - Our local Non-Profit Partner

789 West 1390 South

Salt Lake City, UT 84104


Home Studio

4232 W Degray Drive

South Jordan, UT 84009